Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel (Transformation of your own steering wheel)

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Carbon Fiber Lamination & BLACK Alcantara Leather
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BLUE Stitches
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Transformation of your own steering wheel into a Carbon Fiber one!
We can transform any car model's steering wheel.

The price includes the Carbon fiber lamination, the varnish of the carbon part and the leather or the Alcantara leather fabric!

Available fabrics:
- White leather
- Red leather
- Black leather
- Black Alcantara leather
- Red Alcantara leather

Available color stitches:
- Blue
- Red
- Black
- Yellow
- Orange
- Green
- //M colors Combo (Blue, Red, Sky Blue) (+ €40)
- Custom 3-colors Combo from the above list (+ €40)

We need the customer's steering wheel in order to laminate it and the shipping fee has to be covered by the customer. (In the case of a daily-used car, the customer can send us a spare - used steering wheel, as we do not provide any to use during the lamination process.)

Time of construction: 2-3 weeks

Estimate delivery time: 1 - 4 weeks after the construction time

Custom projects are welcome with a slightly higher price.
Estimated time for the product to arrive at your door is 1-4 weeks

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